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Polaroid mural illustration-Budapest

Collaboration with an international brand is an extraordinary possibility to create something really big. In this case is it definitely true.


Polaroid has chosen me to design an illustration which is the key element for its summer campaign
in Hungary. The mural located in a heart of Budapest, this area is famous for bars, cafes and do not forget the vivacious nightlife. 


Polaroid gave me artistic freedom to do whatever I wish. They requested a summer based design, which connects with their colourful brand visuality. I would like to create a gripping illustration filled with so many details and covered with a pinch of fun.

I showed the famous sightseeing elements of the city in a different situation. You can find the statue of liberty in the center of the mural, but in a beach ready outfit. The river Danube navigate you through the wall, and you can discover many character who truly enjoy summertime in the city. The vibrant colours creates together an impressive overall picture, so you can not miss the mural even from
a long distance. 


I am genuinely happy to have the chance to be a part of this wonderful project ,
and it is an amazing experience to see my work on this huge wall. 


Akácfa street 27.

Budapest, 1072


Illustration / Animation

Ipad / Procreate



Wall painting:

Színes Város


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